Monday 8 August 2011

Thomas De Burgh

Thomas de Burgh   who is actually the ancestor of a famous singer...the things you learn eh??
The standard is taken from the Grimsby Wargames Club site...loads of great WOTR flags and others as free downloads
The set is Valdemars first and last adventure into injection plastic sets.
The set, medieval army on the march  contains 14 bods but nearly half of them are useless due to flash.
The weapons supplied are virtually useless, it´s near impossible to remove them from the sprue,  so these lot all got Florist wire spears
Picture is a bit dark...(overcast) Maybe because they are mourning their comrades who drowned in Flash. Two others were saved and are now hanging about with some smelly peasants in Styrow on the Fome.
Hello to Georges Guynemer..from Gignogne la Plus Brillante Blog.  He´s only just kicked off in the blogging world. The spring pistol for shootng bods...nice one :-D
Hello Rene from Paint_in blog. Another of us who likes huge armies (in Plastic and tin)
Hello to Artar İncidüzen...Facebook?? Thanks for following :-D


  1. Flash and mold lines makes me go nuts.I haven't tried Valdemar figures yet.I like your brushwork Paul.:)

  2. Very nice barding Paul, is that Chris De Burgh the singer?

  3. One of the good things about me doing Dark Ages is that I don't have to try and pull off complex, matching livery like that, which is lucky because yours is absolutely wonderful! And I'm rubbish at such things :-) Right out of Kenneth Branagh's Henry V

  4. Great work Paul, Nevermore at the Grimsby wargames site certainly produces top quality stuff.

  5. Once again great work Paul!

  6. Great painting Paul. I hate cleaning up fig's, flash is a real curse!

  7. Realy nice heraldics !

    Best regards Dalauppror