Thursday, 22 September 2011

Strelets Normans on the march

As usual, a great set of original poses, and this time the spears were attached to the sprue at only two places, as can be seen here  They all carry different bits of kit, bags sacks etc and all seem pretty if they are on the march and not advancing into battle. Some of the standing armoured poses would make a good commanders unit.
The whole mob together
The unarmoured bods. The two carrying the chainmail shirt ..I can´t see whio they might be carrying it for. but it´s a good idea anyway.
The armoured bods
I´ve gone for a red and white scheme, ...I´ll do this for the rest of the infantry.
"where´s william with the wine!!??"
Hello to Der Feldmarshall from the Der Feldmarshall blog. He says he´s a lover of Little toy soldiers and if you look at his blog you will see why!!
Hello to Loch...thanks for friends connect isn´t working.


  1. Great painted figures Paul! And I really like the two guys with the laundry ;-)

    That last picture good find :-D


  2. Those are very nice bods!, not the usual aggressive poses so a nice change!

    Well painted as ever....

  3. Thanks :-D
    While I´m still interested in groups of fighting types I´m tending to get more and more interested in individual characters who are just doing everyday things apart from hacking and slashing and civilians..might be my age I guess :-D

  4. You certainly find some wonderful Bods; another great set of characters.

  5. That red and white theme gives a great sense of a single force while allowing each to have individual character - nice one!

  6. Very nice figures, my eye is definitely being turned to these lovely plastic fellows!!

  7. Those look great, they each have their own story to be told.

  8. Another very nice set Paul. Last photo looks really good.

  9. That guy quaffing the ale would have to be lifting thirty pounds to do it. Or did they prefer wine?

  10. What a great set. The shields look good; as does all the painting.

  11. Astonishing work as always Paul!

  12. Great stuff!

    Thanks for the welcome Paul. I swore that I followed your site awhile ago, but was confused why you weren't showing up on my blog list. :/ Either way, the deed is done now. :)