Saturday, 8 October 2011

Strelets Norman Knights

Another addition to my red and white norman army...the knights set from strelets
Some of the horses look a bit sedate for a group of cavalry charging or in battle so they will get swopped for ones from the Norman cavalry on the march
All the lances I have replaced with florist wire..apart from the one signalling with his lance (at the back to the left)
The boss and his mates riding the "sedate" horses
I´m really getting into Normans..the shield designs you can more or less make up yourself...great fun :-D
 This set is available here

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  1. Beautiful work as always. Your quality and level of output is impressive and inspiring. Best, Dean

  2. Fantastic Paul, I love the linking colour palette for the shield designs. Great work Sir.

  3. I have gone to the library for books about the Guerre de Cent Ans and am about to order a medieval (primitive traditional)longbow because of your many interesting medieval posts.

    I want to actually do it as well as paint it for the table, so inspirational are these posts.

  4. Paul, thanks for hoasting, yet more great looking figures, puts me to shame. My general games blog is and is very new and not so shinny yet. More figure pics as soon as I have finished basing but not up to your standard.


  5. Thanks chaps :-D
    @Ian...I always say there´s no such thing as a standard..just styles..some you like some not but I always appreciate the effort,fun and I hope that we all get a sense of achievement from our hobby, but most of all it has to be the fun :-D

  6. I agree totally about the sedate horses. They seem not to match the animation of the riders!!
    I too like painting Normans! - keep up the good work Paul!

  7. Great work Paul. Very nice painting.

  8. Hastings here you come! Great stuff mate :-)

  9. I like! Especially the shields. Awesome stuff!

  10. Those shields; they add so much character and life to these figures.

  11. Nice work Paul. I love the shields! Well done again!

  12. You know how to make those Stelet figures stand out mate.

    Cheers Rich.