Sunday, 2 October 2011

Strelets Sarmatian cavalry

This set is still in the master sprues stage and hasn´t been released yet but I have the fun and privilage of getting to have a bash at painting it now....Many thanks to STRELETS for allowing me the honour to do so. :-D
The whole colourfull gang
Boss and his mates
Missile bods. I managed to cut the front of the javelin off and had to replace the whole thing with a pin.
my two favourite bods from the set...:-D
Based for Impetus (sorry, pic a bit dark)
A nice set, which I guess could be used for Sythians and others. The riders need thier legs bending slightly outwards to fit them on the nags but it´s not a real problem. Very little flash and some nice details, especially on the horses. The Kontos could be a wee bit longer but it also would pose no problem if either in the set were to be replaced. The only real problem I had was finding any pics on the web as a reference to paint them..
A great partner set to these, would be some female warriors.
Both Herodotus and Hippocrates report on them being a large part of the Sarmatian army as is confirmed by sarmatian graves found with females in military clothing


  1. These are really nice, Paul. Congratulations on being the chosen one...

  2. A wonderfully colourful set of Bods; hats off to you for your well deserved honour.

  3. Ech - that's nice to be the Chosen One. Excellent.

  4. Congrats Paul and you did a wonderfull job on them!


  5. Interesting mix of Sarmatian styles. They look like mid period Alani (Alans)- though the HC shield looks Skythian, from a much earlier period. Based on Roman grave depictions,the Kontos is too short.
    Nice set though - Useable for a lot of Barbarian forces I suspect!
    Incidentally, Alans seem to have used standard vegetable colours, with embroidery on strips of material at hems and seam a possibly. See WRGs Armies of the Dark Ages or Ospreys The Sarmatians as a start.

  6. very nice painting job, and very interesting figures. I've just put it in my shopping list.

  7. Very cool that you got them ahead of time, great paint job!

  8. Great painting Paul and congratulations on being the chosen one.

  9. Hey Paul,

    I hope you bring them with you next Friday so that I can take a closer look at them!


  10. A couple of the horse archers look like they could easily pass for women amazons, and of course the topless one would be good, for that purpose, with some strategic green stuff work.

    Did they operate topless like that is another question. Some of the ones I know would not care.

    Strelets made a good choice, and has already generated some buzz.

  11. Really good figures and paintwork, they do look a bit like Arthur and the boys.

  12. A really good looking bunch. You're the man.

  13. very nice painting! I always enjoy viewing your pieces.