Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The CCC ( Colonial Camel Corps)

I really don´t like painting camels...there´s so much of them!!!! :-D
This lot are made up from the HaT british camel corps and the HaT Egyptian Camel Corps
Nice sets...only one thing..there could be a couple more dismounted bods to create a firing line.
I went for two different camel colour schemes..lighter ones for the off set all the grey and darker for the Egyptians to offset the white.
I painted the helmets as they should be..but I didn´t like the look so went with plain white without the green band.
The faces have turned out looking a bit too dark in the photo...
Definately a lack of different dismounted bods!!!
I nearly forgot...what rules will I use for them?. I´ve got a set of napoleonic wargames rules written by T.J.Halsall and A.M.Roth and published by Newbury. All the basics are there, melee, morale, movement etc..I´ll just have to upgrade weapons ranges, fire rates, come up with an idea for gatling gun effects and bingo :-D

Hello to J Womack Esq. JW, long term blogger has 5 blogs!! I´ll pick one...Victoria's Boys in Red (fits with my present painting theme :-D ) Victoriana / Steampunk...another gaming theme which I really like the look of...   


  1. Excellent one Paul ! ACW rules (Fire&Fury ie) are quite suitable for this environment !!

    Cheers !

  2. Top work Paul, just left a similar post at the forum too. Must get on and finish my camels!

  3. Very nice and really like the shade of the bases.


  4. Very nice job on the camels Paul. This is an interesting set.

  5. Really nice painted Paul! Camels need some more work as horses ;-)


  6. I like them; fun, and seasonal, too! Cheers, Simon

  7. Nicely done, Paul. I particularly like the red and gray colors. They work well together. In my day, I painted many homes using these and similar colors.

  8. You can use Black Pwder rules. I have received today this set! It´s good I´m wishing to paint it, but first, the highlanders!

  9. Beautiful figures and painting, I like the Sudan but I don't like it up me!

  10. I love these guys! Your camels look great and they're not something you see on the battlefield every day.

    Er, it appears the beasts are being used as cover!

  11. These are a sweet looking ride. Lovely work.

  12. Nice work, I have always steered away from soft plastic mini's, that is what HaT are correct? I know the price is right but does paint last?



  13. Nice paul I like these alot. You don't normaly see HaT stuff here so what do you think of HaT products compared to those of other companies?

  14. Paul:

    Camels are such odd looking but amazing creatures and my observation was only from the point of view of the camels!

    Every project of yours tells a story and that's why I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks sir!

  15. Nice one Paul!
    Clever idea with the colour contrast...I'd never thought of that...

  16. Very good looking addition to your army. It's tempting, but I have too many Napoleonic Austrians to paint...

  17. Armies In Plastic just released 54 mm Camel Corp. No fighting positions though.

    I like your small scale figures, nice for bothering the "locals"

  18. Lovely! - however I will be sticking to the Camels made by Sopwith I think...!

  19. Hi Paul

    These are fab! I love this it is the only one of its kind and the figures are so easily customised...esp using the old ESCI set.

    Your painting is just terrific sir! Tally Ho!