Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Medieval Tournament (Italeri) Pt2

The Mounted knights.
As with the foot bods, these are to be found in both the Medieval Tournament and the Medieval Challenge sets. I´m considering painting the other 4 as well, but replacing the lances and giving one of the sidearm carrying bods with a flashy over-the-top standard..
I used the boxart as a rough guide to the colour schemes
oooh..the moldline on the lance!!!!!!!

As with the other bods in the set(s) there´s some great detail. 
Hello to Brent from Of Metal Men blog. Dark age´s 28mm...His Irish camp is..well?..it´s well worth a look.


  1. My word, they are understated! Absolutely fabulously done Sir! The figure on my blog is apparently designed for a Weird War II scenario! Not entirely sure, I just painted it as asked.

  2. Yeah, the mold lines suck. They ruin your figures completely. I don't know how you can actually live with them. Please send all your figures with mold lines to me. Mwahahaha. All kidding aside, excellent work Paul. Truly excellent.


  3. The checkers really look good Paul, as the other details to! Great painted knights!


  4. The bard is especially brilliant Paul.........

  5. Wow those turned out really good. They are soft plastic? Or metal?



  6. Top notch painting Paul. Excellent!

  7. Great job, Paul! And you didn't fool me with the painted-on-moldline!

  8. Well done paul another nice group of knights :-D I am painting these figs/bods myself. I was also thinking of replacing the lances. But all the same well done. Hey that moldline is fake isn't it or did you just get a really bad copy mine did not have any moldlines

  9. Excellent Paul !!! Another great example of your skills !!!
    Very beautiful painted bods ! I'm happy to see what you did with the foot poses too ! :) !!!

    Cheers !

  10. Really great work Paul. This set was my first "Knights Set" I ever bought. But I only painted a few of the figures. No I can see what´s possible! I will try it next year! Best whishes for 2012 mate! Greets, Mork

  11. Well done, what you accomplish with these figures is wonderful.
    Happy New Year!

  12. Fa fa fa FANTASTIC!!!!
    Amazing work Paul, I admire your patience!

  13. Very nice Paul! I've never done checkered barding and I suspect I never will. That had to be brutal but the end results are superb!

    This will be a great tournament when you're finished!

  14. Nice looking figures - explain the mould line away as where your brave bod scraped it down the side of another bod in a joust!

  15. Outstanding! The painting of the crest detail is phenomenal. I had wanted to purchase these two sets, but am majorly humbled by your painting. I'll still get them, but I'll practice on something else first.