Monday 16 April 2012

Arabic citizens, executioners, Napoleonic french artillery and Female Hoplites.

Loads of new goodies planned and released.
Before you scroll down, warning...mild nudity. 
Arab citizens from Erik Trauner. There´s 4 sets of 5 - 6 bods in each set, Clerics,  musicians,  market  traders and  citizens. They fit well to my plans, firstly they are citizens..and I can never have enough of them, but they are also usefull for medieval of khandibars setting. They will be available from may HERE with more pics of the other sets.
Also availabe are set piece scenery and accesories like these;
This lot are a set of excecutioners and victim being broken with a wheel. They were hard times!!!
The last recorded use of this type of excecution was in 1841!
Available now  from HERE  Apart form the excecution scene, I can see a lot of uses for these bods.

Something completely new, .in 1/72nd anyway and a great addition to an Imagination army...Napoleonic french you´ve not seen them before.

Also coming from the same source and also available from HERE (around about  may) are some lightly clad female hoplites;
Finally, part 10 (?) of my Pirate cutter scratchbuild..the rigging has started!!!!
The climbing ropes.
Sewing thread stretched over a home made rigging frame


  1. I can see why you have got into 1/72nd plastic, in addition to the cost compared with lead figures the range and quality is absolutely amazing.
    Look forward to seeing some of these painted up by yourself.

  2. More wonderful looking creations; I can't wait see the Genie in the lamp creations you come up with. As for your hand done rigging - wow!

  3. Your blog never ceases to amaze. Brilliant stuff.

  4. Great job all-around, Paul. So, ship rigging is one of your "jack-of-all-trades" badges you wear. Well, it looks good on you!

  5. Some great looking figures and an ingenious way of making rigging too!!!

  6. Those French artillery wenches are especially brilliant and beautiful!

  7. Nice figures and the rigging is amazing.

  8. cool you are very talented. those sculpts are amazing

  9. Wonder why they call the "smaller-Sandras" 'Napoleonic'? Their tricornes show they are clearly intended for the Lace Wars. A communication mistake, given that Napoleonic wargamers are, on the average, far more 'deadly serious' and disinclined to indulge into 'unhistoricity' than Lace Wars ones.

    1. Could also be a easy term for them, the sculptor is non-english speaking..and maybe she chose napoleonic for reasons of ease. Thing´s got me very interested in making up a lacewar style Imagination regiment. I hope she does some cavalry as well.

  10. They could be very early republican French, who still wore Tricorns.
    The Bicorn was coming in as a variation, but the ubiquitous shako is later!