Sunday, 13 May 2012

Airfix WWII British infantry

After a long pause I´ve finally got back to my quest of painting every set of bods that Airfix has ever produced using only original figures.
63 sets, of which 3 feature mainly  animals so don´t count (ok, the Zoo animals set 1 has a bod in it) and the SAS set which is listed but was only ever made in 1/32nd. 5 sets are repeated..they have an earlier version and if I ever get through the PSR list I´ll paint them as well. 59 sets of which I´ve got 31 finished !!!! :-)
I won´t make any comment, the review at PSR says it all.
Narnia - The Invasion Begins!!!!!
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  1. Nice work Paul. I know it's not a particularly well received set, but I quite like some of these Bods. Specially that chap with the rifle about to enthusiastically charge down the door...LET ME AT 'EM!

  2. I don't know what PSR think, but for my eyes it's looks good!
    More than a half of the sets are painted now...

  3. Great paint job, quite a challenge that you've set yourself there!

    1. Thanks :-D
      It is a bit of a challenge...with the sets listed at makes in total;
      713 bod poses
      49 horse poses (some get painted more than once due to there being less horse poses than bod poses)
      3 boats
      1 wagon
      2 gun limbers
      2 Camels
      2 chariots
      4 guns to be painted

  4. Ahh memories. This set was my brother's pride and joy when I was about 8 and he was 10.

  5. Fantastic to see these bods painted so nicely. I remember them well.

  6. These look good. Much better in fact than I had imagined they could possibly look when I was playing with the unpainted figs.

  7. I know this set has it's faults but it was always one of my favourite sets.

    I really liked the kneeling figure with the bren gun!

  8. Superb work Paul on these tight clothed Tommies.

    A lick of paint really improves the look of this maligned set.

    Well done!

  9. Great that you picked up this challenge again Paul! They're very good painted, and they were one of the best sculpted sets of that time.


  10. Nice work, I'm always amazed by how good airfix look painted up.

  11. Great as always but I'm afraid the invasion will end up in disaster. I don't think those uniforms are for "winter warfare" :)

  12. great wotk paul. love the narnia invasion scene... who will win???

  13. Great set Paul and I'm still chuckling at the caption in the last photograph! :D

  14. Great job Paul and a good idea and a big challenge...takes me many happy memories as a kid painting and playing with these i had every set they ever produced, apart from the S.A.S Keep it up

  15. I read the review and I think these look much better painted up than the review would have you think. And you've challenged yourself to do all 713 poses, which I think is pretty impressive. I really want to see the figures with the stretchers painted up.

  16. Brings back memories and they look so much better painted.

  17. To NARNIA!!!! Nice painting.. can't say I am familiar in this line of models.. but your doing a cracking good job on them all the same! Good luck with your challenge!