Thursday, 3 May 2012

HaT El Cid Cavalry and Pieter De Coninck

I´ve already painted the HaT El Cid Heavy cavalry as Normans but now they are painted for their intended role.

Recently, Peter from Peter´s Cave Blog painted up a set of the Strelets Medieval levy II  as Guildsmen  at the battle of the Golden Spurs (this site, De Liebaart,  is an excellent resource for the period., weapons, clothing, cooking and life in general )
Well, he can´t be allowed to get away with it, So this is my "answer" , Pieter De Coninck. He had a lively life, a weaver who,  along with his mate, the butcher,  Jan Breydel, became a revolutionary leader and was eventually Knighted. (The Baker and the candlestick maker aren´t mentioned  :-D )
Wether the light blue of the caparison is correct I don´t know..but it looks good in combination with the heraldry
Horse from Accurate´s Hundred Years war Kights of france, Pieter from Valdemar


  1. Looks good to me too! Let’s be honest who is going to argue with such wonderfully painted miniatures.

  2. Damn good free hand heraldry Paul!

  3. Looking very nice Paul!

  4. This must be Pieter after the battle. He's cleaned up. :-D

    Also the ElCid figures are nice painted. Must paint mine! ;-)


  5. It works together fine, Paul. Great work!

  6. awsome as always paul your work never ceases to amaze me!:-D

  7. Nice work, and history as well!