Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Medieval Crossbowmen (Strelets)

Possibly not the best set in terms of detail, the crossbows for example are pretty crude but for the range of poses, a good set. 14 poses which gives a lot of variety for the battlefield.
As noted on PSR "It would have been both appropriate and appreciated if the set had include some pavise shields which were commonly used by those armed with the crossbow". 
Well, I´ve sorted that out :-D
All the bods together in a firing line...one fires while the other loads. I haven´t based them yet....I´m still deciding wether to keep them in one block or base individually or pairs.
Some of my favourite poses. The wide range of clothing styles means that at least one or two can be used for certain periods...for example, the one kneeling..a Norman or a crusader
One big mistake...medievals with trousers!!!! They will get re-done, I´ll add a bit of green stuff to create boots.
A slight upgrade to the scratch made Pavisen  With a pin I made a hole up behind the paper and inserted a straightened out Staple, bending it slightly to give the stand the correct angle.

Hello to Martin. Sorry mate.either my bloggers friend link aint on or your´s isn´t..same with Anne´s avatar..click on it..doesn´t show a link. May be something to do with the new PC.
Hello to Anne from Anne´s Attic Blog. I really like the Rabbit Ranger :-D


  1. Nicely done! Poses are really nice, and the "scratch made Pavisen" is a great idea!

  2. Thank you so much Paul. I'd rather see these as singles or as pairs. Posed as a group might take the eye away from the individuality you've given each figure with your detailed brushwork. However, they would make an imposing group.

    Wonderful job on those shields btw.

  3. Superbe travail sur ces pavois.

  4. You've done a good job, especially with the pavises, but you're right - the miniatures themselves look a bit crude.

  5. Really great. i have this set to and was going to use in Jose's blog 1/72 miniatures, but now, i will use other set. Which transfers have you used in the shields?

    1. Thanks :-D
      The transfers I made myself..from pictures on the web (carefull with copyright). I copied them, resized and printed them.
      PS..congratulations for Liebster Blog ;-D

  6. I'd keep them in pairs but lovely work Paul.

  7. Again...excellent rendering of these troops. I'm a "single based" kind of guy. And you have once again "scratched the itch" really good!

  8. Great work, I prefer individual basing but have you considered getting one of the wargames 2p bases then the figures could be based individually but you could have them grouped up as well if you wish.

  9. Great work on Strelets and scratch building the pavisens. Like Jay I prefer single basing as you can place them on movement stands or trays. I always shy away from Strlets due to their quality but these look great. Now I am rethinking my decision.

  10. Those shields are spectacular! Great work Paul really brings the unit together.

  11. They look great Paul. Together with the pavise shields, like in the first picture, it looks like a real unit.
    Keep it simple, paint another sprue of these and your problem is solved :-D


  12. These must be some of the better figures that Strelets do as most of the figs I've seen reviewed in PSR are pretty poor sculpts.

    Of course a good paint job helps and that's what these guys have got.

  13. Sorry, bit late with the comment - basically I agree with all the above! - well done mate!

  14. good work as always. you are a very inventive man

  15. Excellent! I love your scratch made Pavises.

  16. Must try to remember to make some pavises when I get around to painting my Crossbowmen.

  17. Very nice Paul, some very adaptable and useful figures.

  18. Very nice, realy like your pavises !

    best regards Michael