Friday, 29 June 2012

Napoleonic Austrian Pioneers (Pt 4)

The officers etc.

I´ll take a break from this project for a while..there´s only so much Mouse grey that I can look at for one stretch of time.
Drummers, not very apparent from the photo but the drums are brass.
The axemen cometh!
Officers. The cummerbund I´ve painted gold, but it may not be the right colour, there´s so little info on Austrian specialist troops.
Two of the five unarmed "doing something" bods.


  1. Paul:

    It's been awhile, but great seeing your lovely work as always. Best, Dean

  2. Nice troops, Paul. I can imagine...the Axe Drill Team marching on freshly cut green grass to suggest to the drummers that maybe they go practice somewhere else!

  3. You board already? LOL

    I know what you mean I have Nmidians coming out of my ears, will be glad when they are finished so I can move on


  4. A lovely conclusion to the group; do we get a shot with them altogether now?

  5. Very nice photos, I love the first one!

  6. I've gone back and caught up on the posts I've missed and as always am impressed at the way you challenge yourself as an artist. Like Michael, I'd enjoy seeing these all in a group when you're completely finished.

    I bought my first resin piece and am absolutely blown a way with the detail in it and more than just a little intimidated by it.

  7. Good to see you back Anne, I hope everything is ok, you´ve not posted in a while. There´s a few more to do still, but when they are all finished I will do a group photo.

    1. PS..don´t be intimidated by is the one thing that usually helps with painting a mini..lack of detail is usually worse for trying to get a decent end result :-D

  8. good work paul. mouse grey is an odd colour to paint. I try not to paint grey figs as much as possible.

  9. Great figures!! I wish you could buy these types of figures in 15 or 28mm!!!