Wednesday 6 June 2012

Petraria Arcatinus

Petraria Arcatinus  roughly translated means  Bow - powered Rock - thrower
There is little  historical evidence for its existence but various drawings from the medieval period do show bow powered siege engines and such a weapon would be a pretty obvious step in weapon design, combining a crossbow with a  torsion powered throwing arm type of catapult.. There is mention of King Louis of France having a Petraria nicknamed "Malvoisin" ( bad neighbour ) at the siege of Acre 1189 - 1191 but what it´s actual design was ?
This model was scratch built by Tommy and Tina, the builders of the Medieval Castle.

All I have done is paint it up a bit.

The Throwing arms are made from what looks like strips of Joghurt pots, put together as a leafspring which means the machine actually fires.


  1. That is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen today! A bow powered yogurt pot, absolute genius!

  2. I should have been surprised if it didn't fire. And if it din't you would have worked out something that it would. ;-)
    Very nice build, and when you know what it's made of, it's even better!

    "A bow powered yogurt pot"; good one Michael!


  3. Wow...and awesome weapon. Beautifully modeled.

  4. Great little model, unleash hell!

  5. hehe first you use rockets to attack your neighbours, then trebuchets and now bow powered yoghurt pots!!!! I would hate to be your neighbour when you decided to unleash hell :-P nice work... and great work to those other guys

  6. a working mini, is that cool or not? :-)
    Gifted did an excellent painting Paul.

  7. looks good Paul - but will you use it for Little wars games?

  8. More firepower for your collection. Superb.