Monday 16 July 2012

Medieval Carriage (scratchbuilt)

Not many pics of this type of thing on the web but they turn up frequently in medieval films..
Where they get their designs from I can´t imagine.
Anyway..I wanted one in my collection and as there´s no such kit in 1/72nd..I had to build one.
The whole thing was made from card and balsawood. The leaded windows and door hinges are left overs from one of the  Fredericus-rex houses.

So far I´ve only added the horses but the passengers and driver(s)  will come later.
Good candidates look like they could come from  THIS very nice looking set or THIS one.
The nags were taken from the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great set. The front wheels from Atlantic´s Egyptian cavalry and the rear ones from a broken Atlantic wagon. Front axle from the Zvezda Medieval Field Powder Artillery set
I might replace the reins with thin paper ones when the driver is ready.
Toolbox or for luggage ? The roof I covered with some tissue paper to give the appearance of material or leather.
The roof is removable so passengers can be added.

Hello to Lex Van Rooy  from Picasa. Visit and look at his work HERE
This look like a good series..I wait for it to appear on DVD;


  1. Great scratch build. And where do you find these sets? Those two have some pretty interesting figures in them.

    1. Thanks Sean.
      I look about all over the place. I Spend probably far too much time on the web hunting down sets and odd figs. They have another set conming along with those two..and it has a quite rare looking bod in it..a lady sitting sidesaddle with a hawk on her arm!

  2. More damn fine bodging Paul...a good mixture of sets!

  3. That looks superb Paul! Great work.

  4. Very nice work! Looks like a legitimate kit.

  5. Very nice, one more time, you are full of good ideas!

  6. A great model! The BBC series is very good too.


  7. You did a great job on this carriage Paul! I would like to have you imagination!

    Those two sets, are new ones I suppose? But where are the horses?


  8. You've gone and done it again! Really nice modeling. Paul.

  9. You are a clever chap! Great work Paul!

  10. a really good model! it looks a little bit like the one who appears in an episode of the serie "Cadfael" (one of my "best of"!)
    I'm a little surprised by the wheels: front ones smaller than rear ones.
    I love the work on the wood and your attention at all the small details! Just Great!

  11. Fantastic Paul, it looks an absolutely great scratch-build. Brilliant stuff!!

  12. Paul, This is nice. Robin Hood should be looting it soon.

  13. very nice paul, those rich families had it good, but we peasants and theives can have some fun if we catch it in the woods hahaha

  14. Great bit of handy-work Paul. I'm impressed as always. I have been rummaging through your tutorials on building scenery and it inspired me. I'm going to my local hobbyshop on Thursday to buy some materials and make an effort to build a few things of my own.

  15. Awesome piece. I thought it was going to be a war wagon. Looks very convincing. I might try making one someday.:)

  16. great realization Paul!!! i really love that carriage!!!!All the best!

  17. Most impressed with this Paul, nice work all around.

  18. Nice scratchbuilt but IMO its slightly too big.

  19. Brilliant as ever, Paul!