Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Military Order Warriors (Strelets)

Twelve poses, all of them static but they are intended for and make a pretty decent shieldwall as suggested HERE on PSR.
I haven´t painted them up as members of a Military order, I´ve got enough of those for now but there can never be enough arrow fodder. I went for made up stripes designs, cheverons and pales etc on thier shields.
The whole motely crew together.
Several of them, after a shield swop  could be recruited into a Norman army
The bod second from the right. He hasn´t got baggy 16th century trousers ala Black Adder, it´s the padded Gambeson split
The bod on the right looks like he´s armed with a Falchion. without a crossguard. Although this looks wrong, I´m pretty sure I´ve seen Falchions without crossguards.
Additional Standard bearer converted from the Strelets Medieval crossbowmen set.
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Hello to Arbal from Coloured Dust Blog. Some quite clever stuff there, for instance the "how to revitalise brushes"

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  1. They're bloody good Paul, the second picture I thought were metal sculpts....

  2. Nice and stripey. Great looking minis.


  3. Super job, Paul. Your troops make me want to pick them up, hold them, and send them out to do battle.

  4. great work paul there is some great bods in that mix of nice warriors

  5. Fun stuff! All the different heraldry looks great when mixed together

  6. Ex(static)ly nice Paul! :)

  7. Another lovely set of Bods brought to life beautifully.

  8. Great paint-job! It's not easy to paint strelets stuff but you always achieve great results!
    I like this set, it's so useful. OK not the best looking but so many possibilities for painting conversions!

  9. Great work! and it's pleasant to see them in another use!
    (I've painted few of them as Normans, but don't remember which ones exactly!)

    For the Blogs, I've seen that it works with some of them (few) and impossible with others!
    I don't have problem for adding in my blog-roll, as far I know...

  10. Some great figures and very well painted, you need bods like this to fill your army out, more please!

  11. There's a lot of variety here in your painting. Love what you did with the shields.

  12. Cool stuff Paul.
    Nice work, every time :)


  13. Another masterpiece. I always like your knightly stuff. Well done.

  14. Great work. Strelets can be so hard to paint yet you always seem to manage to make them look good.