Friday 25 January 2013

Johann von Bolchen and Friedrich von Befort

Johann von Bolchen and Friedrich von Befort, two knights from Luxembourg who fought alongside the french at Crecy. I´ve looked and looked but cannot find any references to exactly where they came from, their part in the battle, wether they died or survived.
The flags are taken from the Krigsspiel site and the only re-checking I could find was HERE. The devices are the same on both sites so as far as these pair go....job done :-D

Friedrich von Befort.
Horse and bod from  Accurate´s  French knights set.

Johann von Bolchen.
Horse and bod from Zvezda´s French knights set

With an estimated 35 Bohemian, 35 Luxembourg, 42 french and about 140 english flags and banners to go, the project to represent every banner used at Crecy could last a while.


  1. Great figures and flags, colors are wonderful!

  2. I like both of these, but I am particularly fond of Johann von Bolchen. The horse and trappings are very well done and that is a great banner!

  3. Great job Paul, like always.

  4. WOW! They look really good!

  5. Stunning paint job Paul !

    best regards Michael

  6. Hola
    Buenas piezas y buena la esplicacion
    un saludo

  7. Paul,

    Thats fantastic work love them!

  8. Another fabulous addition to a wonderful project.

  9. You will be at it some time I think!!! Great work on these fine looking fellows!

  10. Nice work Paul!! a nice pair of knights. interesting and rather simple banners also

  11. Great looking work as always, Paul. You really take 1/72nd plastic to the highest levels. Best, Dean

  12. Very good work, I love the way that you work your yellow, beautiful flags .

  13. Hi Paul

    The name issues also drove me crazy when I was making the flags. I came to the conclusion that the arms of more obscure minor nobles will never be quite certain. And that mistakes can be found in everywhere (including also my work. So take it with a pince of salt.

    You mentioned Johann von Belfort. This is the German spelling but the family may have been fracophone as you can see from the modern day CoA of the Luxembourg town Beaufort.,_Luxembourg

    Looks similar, right.

    So Johann von Belfort may have been Jean de Beaufort or using Luxembourgsk spelling " Johann von Beefort"

  14. As always, an excellent work Paul ... The horse is perfect! Greeting :)

  15. Two excellent painted knights Paul and the flags are awesome! Can you post now and then a group picture?


    1. Thanks.
      There will be a group pic soon, all of them together, and then each side (French, English and Luxembourg) as single groups. Not many done so far..a Lot to go. Also I´m having to add more infantry etc otherwise it will be just a sea of flags and too few soldier bods.