Saturday, 2 February 2013

Medieval Heralds, Guards and prisoner

This is another great set from the castle of Valdemar and available at Fredericus-rex
I used a horse from another set (the tax collector set) for the boss bod (leaning down from the saddle) because I wanted the heralds to be mounted on similar horses, ie all with caparisons.
 All 8 mounted bods and one foot

The set divides, well I´ve divided it, into two halves.........
The cavalry section….
..and the lord, (Sherrif), Town crier and the heralds
A poor peasant arrested for the henious crime of Turnip smuggling

The cavalry section added to some of the bods from the tax collectors set


  1. Great work Paul!
    it's a very beautiful range and I like the mix of several sets: Congrats !

  2. These last two sets have been very nice. I have been doing more that normal hand wringing about color palettes for peasant garb. I think I need to lighten up and just paint.

    1. Thanks Sean.
      basiacally peasants (as far as I´ve found out during researching) can wear any colour. The common colours like all variations of browns, whites, black and greens are fine as what they would have made or bought for themselves for work and everyday life, but the richer classes would hand down thier older (and more colourfull)clothing to thier servants who would then hand down thier older clothes to the next level.
      Imagine a king/lord whose kingdom/fiefdom had been very successful. The level of prosperity and goods used would go up, just like now. Obviously these clothes wouldn´t have the same bright colour they originally had but it gives a good excuse to have reds, yellows, blues etc :-D

      Another one is, although life was harder (wear and tear on the clothing) it was generally shorter and the clothes themselves were made from quite hard wearing materials and therefore in longer use than today.

  3. Really nice work on these, great skill

  4. This blog is the Devil tempting me! :D

    Great work... again! ;)

  5. When turnips are outlawed, only outlaws will have turnips!
    Beautiful work as always.

  6. This brand of figures is really quite varied in their poses and facial expressions. Your paint job serves well to show them off.

  7. Turnip smugglers are such terrible people, good think the guards are onto it.
    great painting paul, its very bright and colourful. unlike so many interpretations where the guards are all wearing brown leather and sub standard equipment. great work and can't wait to see more.

  8. Great work Paul, the models look soo realistic :)



  9. Wonderful figures, painting and choice of colours Paul. 10/10.

  10. Great work Paul, love the town crier!

  11. well done! i like to much your yellow !!! Ciao

  12. Greate work Paul !!!

    Best regards Michael