Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Middle class women (Bodstonia)

A few more females to inhabit the world of Bodstonia using Outcast-Figures Napoleonic civilians from Here

If no-one´s seen THIS then I recommend having a look...wargaming old style. Looks like total fun..simple rules and a classic look..just the thing to get children into the hobby.


  1. Love these Paul, especially the lady holding the goose. As for skull and crown - far too good for children!

  2. Your usual outstanding work!

  3. Nicely done, Mr. Bods.

    My carriage through-a-wheel the other day while I was bouncing my way out of Bodstonia after a visit with a tavern owner I've known since the last war with the Indians. While the repair was being attended to by some muscle-bound farm hands, I was delighted to have been wined and dined by two of the most personable and talented cooks I've had the pleasure to meet. The goose, bread, turnips, and fresh beer were magnificent!

  4. I find myself looking forward to these civilian character posts of yours. These are beautifully painted and I applaud your choice of colors - great palette!

  5. I like those figures!
    I second Jay : a good goose is good with a good fresh beer !

    Why are they not on Bodstonia?

  6. Superb painting on these Paul.
    Just off to check the link.

  7. I do like them figures, especially the old girl sitting down, top job Paul!

  8. great work Paul I second Sam Wise in asking if they will be on Bodstonia soon... great work I love the look of Outcast figures but I have some civilians to paint still and I am trying to save up.