Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A blast from the past.

Some very very old airfix (and a couple of others) from way way back in the days of Humbrol enamel paints and when the choice of bods made converting them a necessity.
A drawing pin stuck into the bod..a shield. The archer has got some legs from an Airfic ACW confederate bod.
The staff Sergeant ended up a wee bit taller than planned
Wagon riders using head or Body swops from the napoleonic bods and legs from the Airfix ACW guncrew
EEK!! That gloss paint!!! Sunglasses on!..Bavarian  and Nassau grenadiers
Superman in his scratchbuilt war taxi.

Some of my last conversions before I gave up the Hobby in favour of life. The first three from the left have top halves from Esci´s Afrika Corps . The kneeling ones have legs from the Airfix NATO ground Crew. The one on the far right has a  Panzerfaust made using a pin..  
Happy days. My old battered copy of  Napoleonic wargames rules with the quick view table still in one piece.

This little lot is about half what remains of my napoleonic bods, most of the cavalry and a lot of the cannons have "dissapeared" along with t two farm houses .........and hundreds of tanks, planes and 1000´s of infantry......... without counting hundreds of 1/32nd bods and thier vehicles etc.
They used to have regimental Standards and were attached to strips of cardboard from  Kellogscornflakes boxes.
If only I had put all the pocket Money that was spent on  bods, kits, paints and brushes into a long term high interest account!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice post, great figures. My friend, Jerry, had the Airfix Highlanders in his army; I faced them in every battle. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

  2. Fantastic! Takes me back to the early seventies!

    I only painted about one in twenty figures! My battles were very cream coloured affairs!

  3. My word Paul, what a fabulous post, full of charm and nostalgia. The dreaded gloss painting chipping off brings back memories.

  4. Nice blast from the past. I recognize some of them - the guy holding the cannon ball looks like the French arty guy I had. The Celtic Chariot was one of the best Aifix sets IMO. Best, Dean

  5. Joyous memories of the early day's of one's modeling and gaming. I was fighting mini battles in the field across from our home in 1952 (If not earlier). Thanks for the memories.

  6. You obviously never get rid of any of your old stuff Paul, it certainly brings back memories.

  7. Actually pretty cool that you still have these. I am probably going to go through my old 1/32 WW2 stuff this summer and take it back from my parents house.

  8. Back to the good ole times. Wonderful Paul.....

  9. Awesome! will post the battered remnants of my early Napoleonic & ACW soon, great blast from the past.... Airfix guides used to have conversion ideas as well, always remember the 8th army conversions from set 1 figures boys anti tank rifles etc.kellogs served in my army too!

  10. I had some of the highlanders I believe, swapped my lunch money back in the day for a decent handful of painted coolness.

  11. This really takes me back. Back in the 70s I belonged to a club that had a dozen different Napoleonic armies - all made from the Airfix sets that were then available. I made a Spanish army using French infantry with bicornes made from plasticine and hardened by coating them in PVA. Humbrol enamel paint as the converter's best friend.

  12. wow paul you certainly have come a long way. great post and a nice look into the past.

  13. Ahhh....old school 'proper' bods!! You ever going to paint those gladiators?!!