Friday 12 April 2013

Bannockburn Project (Pt1)

The start of two medieval armies. The plan is to use mainly Strelets/linear-b bods and build both the english and scottish armies before the 24th of June 2015, the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.
The mounted Knights and welsh archers might prove a bit of a Problem but at least it´s one project I´ve got every chance of bringing to a close and on time :-D
How many bods will be painted? If I take the lowest number of troops that anyone reckons were there, 5000 for the Scottish side and 14,000 for the English, divide by 100 then 50 and 140. Doesn´t Sound a lot. eh? Ideas??
Bods used so far;
The result of the last couple of days, 13 Scottish and 7 English
The English troops are so far, getting a "uniform" colour scheme.....
...the scottish troops a more "General" mixed look.
The shields. I´m certainly not going to paint every Lion and Leopard on every shield so.....
Find the Patterns on the web (watch out for Copyright) copy and paste. The shields are 1.2 - 1.3 cms tall and 0.98 -1 cms wide. The flags I make 2.3 cms high and 2.6 cms wide.
Find a woodgrain pattern, copy, paste, reduce to "scale", copy and repeat until a full sheet is created.
Glue the front and back to a thin pece of card.........
.let dry, cut out, colour the cut edges with a felt tip and "shape" over a Piece of dowel or pen. To glue to the bods I use Pattex 100.  It´s thicker than most superglues, has no thinners and it drys a bit like Silicon, which gives a slightly flexible final bond which is good when the bods get dropped or knocked.


  1. So, tomorrow we can see those bods finished, right?

  2. The shields look very effective, Paul! Simon

  3. Hoots! Impressive stuff, Paul!

  4. Fecking hell, you've made Ray very jealous!

  5. Spotted the DIY shields, very crafty.

  6. Excellent project. Nice how to on the shields. Good luck.

  7. so cool, so very very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I seem to recall something similar in the pavise tutorial. None the less this is great, I had recently been thinking about making my own shield transfers as well. I will also have to shamelessly appropriate your color scheme, I have some of the Strelets Levy on the workbench right now.

    1. I was going to make the shield "how to" as a seperate post but as I had already made the pavise one I thought a cut down Version would be better (and easier)
      The worst bit with this Project will be the cavalry...I might try handpainting the heraldry but if i can get some Transfers made then I won´t bother...handpainting is way too much work.

  9. great Paul, love the shields and, as always, your faboulous paint!

  10. Paul - just in case you think you've got more time than you have - it's 2014 ....

    1. 2014 is plenty of time...13 months. I paint on average 600 bods a year so it shouldn´t be too much to get both armies ready. :-D

  11. That looks so effective and you make it seem so simple to do. Hmmmmm.
    Thanks for sharing, a great tip.

  12. Great idea with the wood grain!

  13. cracking idea paul!

    good luck with your project!


  14. Great tutorial Paul! Thanks for sharing!

    The bods look wonderfull!


  15. Greate work Paul !

    Very nice tutorial for the shileds !

    best regards Michael