Tuesday 28 May 2013

Bannockburn (Pt6) Gilbert de Clare and Robert II Kieth

A start on the mounted elements for Bannockburn. The Knight bods have had head swops using helmets from the Zvezda English Knights of the 100 years war set.
The flags are handpainted (the designs are simple so it wasn´t worth photoshop etc to create some)
Sets used
Army of Joan d'Arc   (Horses with Caparisons and Gilbert de Clare)
Medieval Britian       (Standard bearers and Robert II Kieth)
Norman Knights       (English Standard bearer´s horse)
Army of Henry V      (Scottish Standard bearers horse)
Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester, killed at Bannockburn. As it would be an insane task to include Standard bearers for all the english Knights, the english cavalry stands will get the George cross.
Robert II Kieth, Marischal of Scotland, who commanded the cavalry at Bannockburn, who numbered about 500. As he´ll be based with a Group of cavalry and he commanded them,  I´ve added a standard bearer carrying his colours.


  1. Love the freehand on the bardings- all those flags will be amazing massed together.

  2. I love the 1/72.
    Currently have a load of Strelets Crusades to work on.

  3. Wonderful figurines for your scene. I'll pay attention to more.

  4. Hola
    Bonitas,y las banderas muy bien echas,a un que digas que so simples hay que hacerlas y te salen bien
    un saludo

  5. Very nice body parts swapping and painting, Mr. Bods.

  6. Nice, very nice work, painting and flags!!

  7. Great work Paul. Especially the free hands.....

  8. another good group of figs for your collection. How many????? ciao

    1. Thanks Michele.
      My collection of medievals is quite large..I´ve never counted them but it must be over 2000.
      For the bannockburn armies I have decided to go for a 50:1 Ratio. It works with the sheltrons, A sheltron of 1000 men works out at 20 on the base. This still means at least 35 cavalry bods for the english and 10 for the scottish and the scottish foot alone will be around 150 or so. :-X

  9. great stuff Paul! they look really nice. well dome on those flags.

  10. Superb, look forward to seeing them all lined up for the battle.