Monday 22 July 2013

More Welsh Archers and some "Wee Folk"

I did say I was leaving the bannockburn Project alone for a while but ......:-D
I couldn´t resist making up another  stand of Welsh Archers....

Sets used;
Ancient Germans ("Wee folk")
Army of Henry V
Army of Joan d'Arc
Medieval Levy (1)
Conversions. The bod on the far left had his "eastern" looking bow replaced, the two in the middle head swops and the one on far right was the top half from a mounted archer and the bottom half from the  arquebusier, both  from the Joan dÀrc set.
The whole of the english far.

Just so everyone´s clear on this..I know the "wee folk" were dressed and equipped like the rest of the army but  the Ancient german set has  got some dynamic running poses and with 3 stands of 15 bods each stand they should "dissapear" amongst the rest.
lots of Head, Shield and weapon swops all round

Not really my period of history but this looks (like the previous film) brilliant!


  1. Greate paint work Paul !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Nice brushwork Paul!

    300 was fantastic. My daughter and I bought the DVD and watched it over and over again. We'll do the same with this one.

    1. Thanks Anne.
      If the female character fighting for the persian side is supposed to be the historical Person Artemisia, then her Claim "I shall bring my entire fleet" is a bit much...she only had half a dozen ships under her command. Still, I love the 300 not for it´s historical Content but the photography and the Action.
      Hopefully they will do the batle of platea as film 3:

  3. Great conversions and paintwork Paul!


  4. Fabulous, these Welsch archers are really impressive!

  5. Nice work Paul, the movie does look damn good!

  6. Always a pleasure to visit here! BTW, in the 2nd picture, the fellow stringing his bow was heard to grumble, "Somebody short sheeted my bow string." (GRRRR!)

  7. Hola
    Gran trabajo,buenas escenas
    un saludo

  8. Great conversions, and now I must add the Strelets Ancient Germans to my want list.

  9. Nice archers! I love the look of all those element bases together :)

  10. If the Welsh archers weren't just brilliant enough you go and stick that awesome trailer at the bottom - wow!

  11. great stuff! the conversions look nice and I do expect that those Germans will magically dissapear.

  12. Well painted archers! Very impressive. I am some what good at painting, but I use wash to help me out....