Thursday 1 August 2013

Age of Tudors (Linear-b)

Before I start I´ve been asked to make one Thing clear...Linear-b and Strelets are different manufacturers. It appears as if a lot of people seem to think they are somehow joined at the hip...they aren´t :-D

Now that´s over...the latest set from Linear-b and what a lovely set it is. Tudor civilians. In my opinion there´s never enough civvies in any scale or period. Not only are they great for dios but also camp scenes and little vignettes on the gaming table.
In the set there´s  14 pieces that give  a total of 16 bods (the piggyback and Mother / child Count as two apiece) times 4 sprues....56 pieces or 64 bods depending on the method  of counting.
Very little flash that Needs removing and with the amount of bods in the set it´ll give me some scope for experimenting with different colours.....and maybe a bit of conversions.

" the one that looks like she could be Anne what if I was to remove her head and......... " .:-D

PARTY!!!! The only slight problem with the poses.....the way the bod is holding his would hurt like hell, if not be near impossible, to hold her the way he is....
The ladies. Gable Hoods and gowns for the rich, Coif and front-laced bodice with dress for the poor.
Mrs Miggins (right) is obviously not amused about something.
The really good thing about them is that they are smaller (shorter) than the males.
The Monk is getting a telling off about his level of  liquid consumption
The "dudes" Slashed doublets, hose and codpieces.
An old soldier gets alms from a rich bod. The Walking stick is missing the bottom half in a lot of the sprues but it´s easy enough to remedy. Just cut away the top half of the stick and push a pin up through the base  and into the bod.  
Duck for tea ?.
Size wise they fit well to most other manufacturers. Just as a representitive example using unbased bods, from left to right, Italeri, Linear-b and Nikolai.

A bit blurry but still, it can be seen,  the bods in the set have, alongside some really good detail,  they´ve got  very good faces.

A wee bit on the end of the medieval range and a couple of them could be usefull for the Elizabethan era but in Styrow-on-the-Foam all medievals are welcome.
I certainly hope there will be a second set of tudors from Linear-b and with more clothing styles, like the French Hood and puffed sleeves for the females, Pluderhosen for the males and some more working folk.


  1. W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a bunch, great poses, great painting, great work Paul!

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    que buenas

  4. Great review and painted figures Paul! And very good sculpted!
    I see some good figures to go along with the Italeri tournement. I might have a go for them.
    PS: you painted some buttons! :-D


  5. I'm really excited about these: Medieval/Renaissance civilians that aren't premium-priced. I hope Linear-B expands the line.

    Thanks for the feature, Paul!

  6. Excellent painting, almost 28mm quality

  7. Again you do some excellent work, I always like checking out your latest work


  8. Fantastic poses, I wish they made some of these in 15mm!

  9. Fantastic paint job on this set.

  10. increadible! a loverly set to be sure.

  11. Great painting work !
    Those figures are really good !
    I like them!

  12. What a wonderful set of figures! Superb painting on equally superb sculpts. I wish they made them in 28mm. Best, Dean

  13. Great set, great work. All supreme. ;-)