Wednesday 14 August 2013

Scottish archers (Bannockburn)

There weren´t many, most accounts reckon on about 500 archers on the scottish side, recruited from the Ettrick Forest so a Group of 10 (at the Ratio of 50:1) covers them.
Sets used;
The Scottish Army of Wallace
Army of Henry V
Norman Archers

As apparently they didn´t Play a big role at the battle they´re Based as skirmishers
All the short bows have been replaced with longbows made from Florists wire.
This bod, from the Scottish army of Wallace set has had an arrow made from a bit of copper wire
Head swop using a head from the spares box (originally from the Red box Hussite Artillery set),bow replaced and bowstring removed (he was originally stringing the bow)  ,
Using the Body from the Linear-b priest in the Tudors set and the head from the airfix Robin Hood set (he Needs to have a beard) this will represent  Abbot Bernard of Arbroath I´ll have to make a small Version of the Breccbennach (or Monymusk Relquary), which held the relics of St Columba and Bernard carried at the battle. It´ll have to be small,  it only measures W 112mm x D 51mm x H 89mm. 
Looking about on the web I´ve found an excellent site, Medieval cookery. It´s got a huge collection of recipes and  links to original medieval cookery books from all around the world, dating from the 13th century, in most cases with translations.
The oddities section is to cook cats, hedgehogs and just in case you ever have to, advice on determining the Age of rabbits...


  1. Amazing work Paul, some beautiful archers here! Love the priest too...

  2. The work on the bows, arrows and string still amazes the crap out of me Paul, top notch!

    1. Thanks Fran.
      I´ve found a new material for the bow strings, a thread used for sealing pipes. It Comes as a bundle all mixed up but you can pull single thin threads out of it easily.

  3. That is a really nice group with a good variety of dynamic poses. Well done!

  4. Nice archers Paul. And the priest or monk is very amazing

  5. Love the bows Paul, as much as it pains me to have to agree with Fran, you've made a top notch job on them!

  6. Love these Paul, it always amazes how stunning the addition of the bow strings makes them look. Really worth the effort.

  7. Love them, you get such a good look to your bods


  8. Your level of workmanship on your "bods" is really, really top notch. Most impressed what you get out of the humble plastic soldier!

  9. Lovely. Very nice conversions. You've an excellent ability to see the conversion in the mind's-eye, and then to make it happen. Well, done.

  10. Great job:-)


  11. Very nice. Love the links as well. My Dad had a cook book in his collection that I found after he died called "The Encyclopedia of Gastronomy." Excellent book that was obviously written before many of the recipes within would have been illegal to make due to the endangered animals that are the ingredients. Still great fun to read.

  12. Really great conversions and excellent painted Paul!