Thursday, 19 September 2013

Medieval European Knights 13th Century

Made by Caeser and a usefull set for crusaders, members of the armies of the  Anarchy (the war between Stephen of Blois and  Matilda of England ) Magna carter,  and and....

36 bods in 11 poses , there´s only one of the pose  holding the  spear
The spear with the flag I´ve replaced. The original was so warped it was easier and faster than trying to straighten it.
All of them I´ve given generic coat´s .of arms, paying no attention to any historically real ones except for the one in the middle which I´ve given the Coat -of-arms of Simon langton, one of the Magna carter Barons...another Project which needs some more attention at some point.
This from the makers of the Spartacus series and  coming next year, Looks fun, Black sails,
Yo Ho me hearties!


  1. Good lucking figures and very well painted


    1. I think they're great lucking figures too Paul:D

  2. Nice dynamic poses on these and the variety in the tunics is great.

    Oh yeah, Pirates-I'll be all over that one!

  3. Great looking miniatures. Excellent paint job.

  4. good work !
    Those figures are really good like many Caesar sets...

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Black Sails. Looks promising. The knights look good as always with your stuff.

  6. I am struggling to avoid painting medieval bods, but, with your photos is simply hard to resist...fantastic work Paul! :)

  7. Really nice brush work, Mr. Bods. Lots of color variations to dazzle the eyes.

  8. great work Paul! those guys are really colourful.