Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Medieval Seige Ram (Orion)

This ram is from Orions Medieval Siege Engines Part 1
The kit is ok, hard plastic with very little flash and the plastic is the sort that takes glue well but....
1. The holes in the wheels (which are quite small) don´t fit onto the axles and need drilling out
2. The supports for the ramming bar are very thin and even though I took a lot of care removing them from the sprue, three of the 4 snapped, so I replaced them with thread.
With side cladding added
The frame is a bit of a pain to fit together, it´s best to just remove the locating pins, which don´t line up properly  and attach without them

With side cladding removed. The crew are from the Miniart French Foot Soldiers with Rams. I´ll add a permanent crew at some point which will be based directly onto the floor of the ram.
Now added to the Croeburn 1813 Diorama,  Mine and Peter´s small addition , the Austrian cuirassiers Regt. Nr 8


  1. Great looking siege ram!

  2. Nice review -- very informative. Thought about this set for a long time, finally went with card stock siege engines (fantasy games, not historical) because I want to be able to field several models.

    For information's sake, how would 25-28mm figures do with this model? Is it too small for them, or could they fit inside the shelter? Cheers!

  3. Forgot to mention, it looks very nice! Well done job on assembly, and painting. No way you can tell it is plastic, by appearance. Cheers!

  4. Beautiful work on that Paul and the collection is fecking stunning.

  5. That looks great but the last image is just staggering given it's just PART of the whole


  6. Although it had shortcomings, it turned out looking great.

    What a contribution from you two!!

  7. What a great looking bit of kit!

  8. Great work again Paul! And I love that last picture! ;-)