Friday, 27 September 2013

Red Sky in the Morning.

The exact opposite to Robin of the Hood, Sir Hugh Jarse robs the poor to feed the rich and recently has been quite successfull at the Job, meaning he can hire some more motley marauders.
More marauders means more monetary mayhem.............where will it all end?

The whole gang together. Sir Hugh (to the right) mounted on his steed, Nightmare, and Sir R.Sliker (to the left) on his nag Gait Keeper. Between them is thier Sergeant-at-arms, Hugo First.
The two bods in the middle are the original poses, to the left and right, simple head swop conversions
Again, the two bods in the middle are the original poses

Red sky in the morning, peasants warning.  Sir R.Sliker leads a band of marauders accompanied by a Prison wagon.  This doesn´t look good for the good folk of Styrow-on-the Foam!!

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  1. Red sky in the morning,
    Sailor's warning.

    Looks like it's also peasant's warning as well. Another group very nicely done.

  2. Excellent pictures, these look excellent.

  3. Very nice paintjob, and great conversion work your backgroun picture!

  4. Hi Paul, I love the scenery you put the figurines on. Leaves and grass

    Nice figurines

  5. Great work on these Revell Bods Paul! The last picture is excellent!


  6. These are lovely Paul and wonderfully atmospheric!

  7. I am liking the scenic backgrounds you're using Paul. Does give it that cinematic effect.

    Robbing from the poor to give to the rich sounds like the Irish government to me :)

    Thanks for the promo! You'd have to have worse luck than Big Lee not to win this thing!