Friday, 4 October 2013

Accurate 100yrs war conversions

4 more conversions, two for Hugh Jarse´s marauders and two generic kniggits using bits and pieces from both of Accurate´s 100yrs war sets, the English Men-At-Arms and the Knights Of France
The easy conversions, Basic top half swops;
Legs from bod on the left, Body from the bod on the right
Same as above.
The slightly more complicated conversions;

Body from the bod on the left, arms from the bod on the right
Body from bod on the left, sword arm and shield arm from the two on the left.
Don´t Forget!!!! The Neopolitan challenge is coming on the 7th ...a Redhead, blonde and brunettee fight it out over at Anne´s blog.


  1. Great conversions Paul!

    I'm still painting my blonde!

  2. Excellent modeling. Nice one-of-a-kind troopers!

  3. Nice conversions and figurines, Paul

  4. I love seeing what they looked like before your tremendous conversions; it just shows how much you put in.

  5. Very very nice conversion work Paul!

  6. Tops mate, converting figures is one of my favourite aspects of this hobby