Wednesday 16 October 2013

Medieval crane 2

Another 1/72nd scale crane, this time from Fredericus-rex. Quick and easy to build, a very nice little machine.
Direct link to the crane at Fredericus-rex HERE
What build advice can I offer? Basically, the most difficult part of the build is putting the two halves of the "mousewheel" together, but if you stick to the instructions and take your time it´s easy.
Both sides of the "mousewheel"come as two pieces which have to be glued together. While  they are drying  put them  between two Sheets of plastic and put a weight on top to stop them warping.
The only bit I changed was to make a new hook from wire. The original broke when I added the load.

For anyone who wants to know, it Looks fine alongside 28mm bods.
and a pic of a 28mm bod alongside the Roman crane ...


  1. Thanks! I wanted to know. ;-) Simon

  2. It is now to go to work. Fine modeling, Mr. Bods.

  3. Looks great Paul! Your artillery is still growing!;-D


  4. Lovely piece of kit Paul, good for 28mm too!

  5. Beautiful work Paul. Above my pay grade I think!