Friday, 1 November 2013

Roman Guards (strelets)

Taken from  Strelets Caesar Army on the March and Caesar Army Before Battle,. I´m only going to have a Contubernium to guard the town, "Scalpere Aedificare" (which has actually seen some Progress recently) as having any more would mean a barracks, barracks means more officer types and then nags and.....
Anyway, they´ve got the cushy Job of being the face of law and order in Scalpere Aedificare.

For some reason, they have a "I don´t give a ****!" look about them, the poses and the expressions on thier faces. Even when the Decanus is shouting at them on one of the rare moments he´s in uniform and not drunk, they show only mild interest.
The two  from the "on the march" set have different shields to the "before battle" set..which is a pity, but they make good "patrolling around town" bods
Even whilst getting a telling off, one of the legionaries is more interested in Scratching his butt than actually listening.
A Military official has turned up. He outranks them but as can be seen from the way the Legionary on the right is looking at him, you can tell any orders will be carried out grudgingly.
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  1. Typical Roman attitude of "police" everywhere and anytime!

  2. Very nice painting, Mr. Bods. Lots of character in these infantry troops.

  3. Very nice Paul! I particularly like the civilians.

  4. some great poses in there :) coming here always makes me want to get around to the roman & medieval projects I've wanted to do ;)

  5. Very nice Paul, a very high standard of painting, as always :)

  6. Nice looking figures, love the civilians!

  7. They might look nice and relaxed now, but look out when the Gauls come knocking - lovely job Paul.

  8. Hola
    Buena esa formación,típica de los romanos,me gusta
    un saludo

  9. Nice army, and the civilians are wonderful

  10. They need some discipline!

    Great painted figures! All of them!


  11. Once again, superb painting and with a great backdrops in picture one.

  12. some really cool looking bods there paul

  13. I have never ever seen Strelets looking so Good! Beano Boy