Saturday 4 January 2014

English cavalry - Bannockburn (complete)

All the english Knights with Squires/Sergeant-at-arms required to cover the numbers needed, a grand  total of 50. If they were represented  1:1,  they would cover (based as they are) an area of 2.80 meters by 1 meter.
Some Scottish Knights who fought for the english are planned, Umfraville, Brechin and Comyn etc

A couple of the new kniggits; from left to right, John Maltravers, Robert Boynton, Sir William Pennington and William de Ridre.

Strelets Sets used (along with a lot of conversions and alterations)
Army of Henry V
English Cavalry of Edward I
The Scottish Army of Wallace
Mamelukes  (for the horses)

Knights  represented, alphabetically by Sirname.  (Edward II not included)
  1. Sir Giles de Argentine  (Royal Bodyguard)
  2. Sir Robert Boynton
  3. Rodger de Clifford - 1st Baron de Clifford
  4. Thomas de Berkeley - 1st Baron Berkeley 
  5. Gilbert de Clare - 8th Earl of Glouchester
  6. John Grey - 2nd Baron Grey (Lord Ordainer)
  7. Hugh Despenser -  1st and last Earl of Winchester, Chief Advisor to King Edward II
  8. John de Engaigne  -  Sheriff of Essex and of Hertford
  9. Sir Thomas Ercedekne   - 
  10. Robert Fitzwalter  -  1st Baron Fitzwalter
  11. Thomas  de Furnival  -  Lord Furnival
  12. William Latimer - 2nd Lord Latimer of Corby
  13. John Maltravers -   1st Baron Maltravers
  14. Edmund de Mauley - Lord of Ascot
  15. William Marshall -  1st Baron Marshall
  16. Rodger Mortimer - Baron of Chirk.  Marcher Lord, (Royal Bodyguard)
  17. Sir Roger Northburgh - kings shield bearer and keeper of the Privy seal
  18. Sir William Pennington
  19. Sir William De Ridre
  20. Pain de Tiptoft - 1st Baron de Tibetot (Royal Bodyguard)
  21. Marmeduke de Tweng - 1st Baron Tweng
  22. Amer de Valence - 2nd Earl of Pembroke
  23. William de Vescy of Kildare - Retainer   to Aymer de Valence
  24. Robert de Vere   -   6th Earl of Oxford
  25. Aymer de la Zouch
Not included in the list, because he will be based alone, Sir Henry de Bohun. His uncle, Humphrey de Bohun 4th earl of Hereford will be represented at some Point as well,  in Charge of the archers and foot.Wether he´ll be mounted, time will tell.  With Henry de Bohun  and Thomas de Ufford (English camp post) that makes so far 27 kniggits. A couple of the Knights etc,  may or may not have been at the Battle but checking through all the ancestoral lists, then rechecking sources, then finding reliable sources for the coats of arms,  has caused some major headaches and taking up hours of time, which might have been better invested elswhere.


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    The conversions and arrangements on the figures, include the horses, is fantastic !
    I like too the idea of using only STRELETS figures: it has made the work much easier ^^ !

    1. Thanks :-D
      Using only Strelets has made it very difficult for two reasons. The range isn´t that great and because I don´t like using repeat poses it means a lot of converting, even if only small conversions, but it´s still a lot. If I had used any manufacturers I could have got it nearly finished..especially the english infantry.

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