Saturday, 22 March 2014

18th Century Sailors/Pirates

The HaT British Marines and Sailors drafted in as either Bodstonian Naval Crew or members of Capn Jack Dore´s band of Pirates. Thanks to Peter (Peter´s Cave) for kindly sending me these. :-D
The marines I´ll get finished later, I have to invent a colour scheme for thier uniforms first.
The set suffers a bit from excess flash but being made from the harder type of plastic it´s not too difficult to remove.
Guncrew poses. The bod on the far left is (I suppose) pulling a lanyard
Fighting poses
A 24 and a 32pdr
Here they are on the cutter Daniels Pride, stolen from the Bodston Harbour in the spring of 1728.


  1. Quite clever. I've been thinking of something similar to man my ship.

  2. Hola
    Que buenas figuras
    Para una buena escena
    Un saludo

  3. Nice work Paul, real hearts of oak!

  4. Excellent figures (I've them too .... it seems by the same way ... )
    I would like to paint them for my pirates ship(s) ... but later, don't know when!
    I must forget yours before : they are too well painted and I wouldn't like to do the comparison !

  5. Hello and good morning.
    Very successful in the characters and all the ship's deck.
    Besides, I like the pirate theme, such as a few movies (theater)

  6. Great models , and great paint Paul .
    Cheers .

  7. Tremendous Paul, the chap trying to lift the cannonball is a really great sculpt.

  8. Great work. Looks like this set is a must have.

  9. Nice modeling, Paul. BTW, the "lanyard puller" might also be used as a fighter. Looks like he is ready to throw a downward right jab.

  10. Very nice Paul. What model is the Daniel's Pride?

    1. Thanks:-D The "Daniel´s Pride" is entirely scratch built, from the hull down to the rigging pulleys

  11. You did a fine job on them Paul! As you always do! Looking forward to what colours you will give the marines! ;-)