Tuesday 3 June 2014

More Longbows for Bannockburn

The Project slowly plods to a Close...and about time as well...with only weeks to go to the anniversary.
This lot are a bunch of generic english archers.
Sets used (including some bits from other sets/manufacturers for conversion purposes)
Army of Henry V
Norman Archers
Army of Joan d'Arc
The Scottish Army of Wallace
The comander, from the Army of Joan dÀrc set,  has had a head and weapon swop
The whole Bow and crossbow force. At a Ratio of 50 :1 it makes 1100 welsh and 500 english archers and 500 crossbows, small part of the entire force of bowmen at Bannockburn. Basically, I´ve run out of conversion ideas and without the Million to one Chance that Strelets brings out a set of generic archers in the next week or so, I will never get around to converting and painting another 50 or so.
Also, with a set of english infantry and a handfull of Gillies plus some scenery  to get finished alongside work it´ll have to do.


  1. They look great, very nice work Paul!

  2. What an amazing achievement, you must be relieved!

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Not really relieved...I didn´t reach my Targets with this one, mainly due to work but also a bit of apathy has set in, not particually any sort of "painters block" but disparity with the whole modelling Thing.

    2. Don't let the hobby get you down! If you need a break, don't be afraid to take it. Hopefully you'll recharge and we'll get to see more great models!

    3. Not so much the Hobby...more the attached peripheral stuff. I´ve tried to Combine work, the Hobby and the web but it just isn´t happning. I don´t get around the blogs and Forums as much as I would like, and when I do I see all too often fights between strangers who, if they met each other would probably never make such comments as the ones they write online. Worse still, the rise in "patriotism" in the Hobby. It Makes me sick. Modelling Blogs, are, or at least I thought, places for a Hobby about models figures etc and our sharing of the Hobby, not to also celebrate individuals tastes in flag waving and Division.

  3. Very impressive and inspiring work, Paul. I'm currently plodding through a mere 30-odd Perry WotR bowmen. Your work here has shamed me into pushing on. Best, Dean

  4. Good painting shields and accessories.
    Fine theme era

  5. Great bunch of archers! And as always I love the bowstrings!


  6. Astounding army, it is very nice to see the army painted. Great work Paul

  7. I really love your 1/72 stuff Paul.
    Truly lovely figures.