Thursday, 31 July 2014

Roman Port 2 - Linear-b

The second set of Romans at the Harbour, but the bods can be easily used elsewhere.
15 bods in all, 8 of which are in pairs, meaning 11 pieces. Virtually no Flash, excellent Detail...all in all, a very nice set.
The whole set together.
Roman soldiers on leave.
Couple looking out to sea.
Poor workers being watched by the foreman
Some dancing Girls. What they might be doing at the Harbour I can´t imagine...but who cares..they are nice additions.

...the faces are pretty good as well .
With These it brings the numbers for my town up to 160 plus, 132 of which are obviously male with only 28 obviously female bods and 6 children. A set or two of Roman women and accompanying children would be very usefull to Balance things out.


  1. Women of negotiable virtue, the more the merrier, lovely work old boy!

  2. Loving these Paul, another great addition to the collection.

  3. You've worked some serious magic there. After seeing them on PSR I'm shocked they could look so polished. Great job!
    Also, have you seen the Nikolai Roman Women and Fountain yet? They seem to fit in well with what you're doing.

  4. Great looking figures, your the 20mm Man


  5. Very useful set you have worked wonders with them. I was not ware that the "focus' of the last close-up shot was to ne the mans face until I read your caption clever Sir clever.

  6. Nice looking set! Great work on the flesh tones! ;-)


  7. I didn't think I could be more impressed with your work that I was already, but I was wrong. Wow!

  8. Nice to see these painted Paul.Nice Work! Beano Boy!