Saturday, 21 March 2015

Roman Transport 3 - Strelets

Another Addition to the Roman Transport line  from strelets. This one  seems to depict a slave round up Scene but seeing as there´s a wagon involved it passes for a Transport set.
13 bods (two as a pair and 14 if the Infant is counted) 2 oxen and 1 wagon.

"Is that a gladius under your Sagum  or are you just pleased to see me?"
From left to right;
1.Farmer about town. I reckon he was to be leading one of the bulls but he makes a decent enough "stand alone" bod.
2.Casual onlooker. I´ve painted up the object he´s eating as a pomegranate, seems more Roman style than a "common" apple (although they treated apples etc as luxury items)
3. Riddled walker. He was carrying a Whip in his right Hand but seeing as there are bods with Whips in a couple of the previous sets, I thought another was unecessary so he ended up with a  replacement Walking stick.
4. Concerned onlooker. Judging by her clothing and jewellry she isn´t connected to the other slaves..if she was she would have been relieved of her jewels etc pretty quickly.
The prison wagon.
Fits together well, although releasing the parts from the sprue and the following cleaning up does take a while.
As always, the scheme for attaching the beasts to the wagon leaves a lot to be desired, the pic Shows the set up as OOB.
Still, after a lot of carefull snipping and "spotwelding" (Holding a hot pin to turn the plastic on two pieces liquid and run into each other) the Cage and the Roof together, adding a scratchbuilt towing bar (metal rod heated up and welded to the bottom of the wagon) it doesn´t look too bad.
Seeing as there is no indication of  a door (a good idea would to have been to add a lock and hinges to one of the pieces that make up the Ends of the Cage ) I´ve added a Piece of jewelly chain to give an Illusion of  there being some way of opening the back.
Above and below the chain, you can see the result of the "spotwelding" . Now the whole Thing is fixed  together I can remove Them but for the purposes of the pic I haven´t.
Seeing as it has  more of a  Fantasy look to it (it´s chunky design) I may  use it for the Goblin Slavers


  1. Excellent post, you have made this scale your own.

  2. Looks like the wagon is from Planet of the Apes!

    1. BINGO!!! That´s the one!! The one from the film with Charlton Heston..I had an Image of a prison wagon from a film but couldn´t place it. Well done Mike.

  3. As always great work!


  4. An interesting set but I didn't buy it because, Romans are out my zone of interest and I didn't see how I could use it for other periods or subjects.
    Why not Fantasy.... that's an excellent idea ...

    Of course, the painting work is excellent like always !

    1. Thanks Pascal. Some of the slaves/prisoners will go towards Fantasy as well, there are far too many for a Roman slave market (the poses aren´t usefull either)

  5. Fantastic paint and modelling work. Very interesting set as well.

  6. lovely paint, you've a special skill to transform Strelets figures!!!

  7. Thanks for explaining a few of your converting/building techniques I've wanted to know them for the longest time. I have a number of Strelets I like them but they are chunky.

  8. Another interesting set. I like these transport sets and the WotR stuff you've done of late. But honestly I like everything you do.