Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fishing boat (scratchbuilt)

Another Little scratchbuild for Bodstonia, a fishing boat which will see Service on the great lake and be anchored  at Boddington.
Again, all scratchbuilt, mast an old Paintbrush, anchor chain from old jewellry chain, Tiller a toothpick, deck hatch flyscreen material etc etc.
It was going to be the Basis for the Ship mill but it didn´t look right, too oval shaped but the hull was already finished so why waste it, and my Daughter insisted on it being finished  so we can take it to the local Pond and float it.
The fishing net is made from some old flyscreen material with  some broken tackle blocks from a 1/100th scale ship kit as floats.

I saw a way of shaping sails over at Vol´s Blog A miniatures Hobbyroom on his post  Scratch Built 1/1200 Third Rate 80 Gun Ship of the Line ,look at the link,  you´ll be amazed  how small and beautifull the finished ship is.
Vol´s sails turned out looking lovely  so I thought I´d give it a go.
Stupidly, I used  material, a Piece of old Cotton sheet. Even after the PVA had dried it didn´t hold it´s shape which meant I had to Hand sew a length of thin wire into the bottom to create the curved effect.

Still, I know know why it went wrong...The relative size. Vol used Card and his sails are next time  I´ll use the same  method to shape them but the materials I used fo the Pirate Cutter, a Sandwich of paper between two layers of micromesh net curtain.

The Fishing boat as the "Tomplot Blenny" at work in Bodstonia HERE

The "Tomplot Blenny",  on the local Pond.


  1. That is gorgeous Paul and just the final shots of it on the local pond make it all worth while.

  2. Nice.
    "Heureka! it floats after all ..."

  3. Game worthy and sea worthy. Nice.

  4. Great fun time project Paul,and it floated. Well done.
    It is certainly a learning curb, scratch building ones own stuff.
    You cannot beat the hands on experience, and it comes in quite handy when one does similar work. BB

  5. Wonderfull work Paul!

    One question. Did they come back? :-)