Saturday 1 August 2015

Battle of Stamford bridge 1066

Was there a Bridge and if there was one, was it a nice Stone one as in some depictions or a well constructed wooden one as in others?
If there was one it was probably a bit "rough and ready" that´s what I´ve made.

Here´s the Viking hero working his way through anyone who attempts to force him off the Bridge, Clip from 1066 - The Battle of Middle Earth..."stop pushing at the back!!!"


  1. That's a truly scenic piece Paul. Top work!

  2. Excellent work Paul :)

    The chances are that the bridge was wooden, given that the Saxons and Danes weren't known for their masonry skills.

  3. That is a great idea, love the sneaky guy getting in the barrel ready for the fatal spear thrust!

  4. The bathtub probably was a half barrel.
    Nice work!

  5. Great work.
    The scene on the bridge is good, and sneaky too...
    The river looks very like the real thing, almost a "living" water.

    1. Thanks :-D The river/water effect. I looked at paintings of water and they don´t use gloss effects, they just paint it as it is..adding darker bits for depth and then go lighter up to the White to Show movement. I´ve glossed the water surface since and it Looks...not at all real..

  6. Hi Paul! Excellent scene of a famour battle. It is very interesting how you built the bridge and the ground.

  7. Great work Paul, that's exactly how I'd imagined the bridge at Stamford to be.

  8. Nice Diorama Paul ,and a nice slice of history concerning the real bridge.Also great photo shots of work ongoing as you did the work. BB