Tuesday, 11 August 2015


My rendition of the Klopstockhaus, in Quedlingburg The birthplace of the Poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock(July 2, 1724– March 14, 1803)
The rear of the house I made up by adding  stables and a rear extension
Added to the two previous buildings

Slowly the town grows...and grows..............and work has started on a small village.


  1. I think you are getting close to having a ful CITY rather than a Town!

    Well done on the latest.


  2. Thanks Tony.
    It may be getting out of Hand..last Count..35 but making them is quite therapeutic ..much less eyestrain than painting bods. I´ll stop when I reach 50 for the town and a dozen for the village.......but then there´s this nice fortified house (schloss) I´ve seen that just begs to be built and a couple more wouldn´t hurt...:-D