Friday 28 August 2015

Medieval Barn

Another Addition to the Village of Boddingham.
Loosely based on a building I saw on a recent trip out, a  Barn with attached house.
Halfway through I decided not to make it as a "closed" building but to have  the inside  visible, which either meant having the doors fixed open or...
..putting them on scratchbuilt hinges so they can be opened and closed.
The door at the back of the barn area  that leads to to the living space.
I´ve even gone and made more work for myself and added a loft hatch.(pic a bit blurry..sorry)
Later..when all ten buildings are finished and based,  I can add a ladder and some other bits and pieces


  1. Awesome....again! What kind of material is the roof made of?

    1. Thanks :-D The Roof..Clay..common modelling clay, the sort of stuff used to make pots. I made a "how-to" along with the Cottages.
      I´ve improved the straw effect making a bit since. The trick is to wait a bit until the clay is starting to go hard and make the scratches (using a technique which is difficlut to explain with only words) using a toothpick or a small sharp screwdriver. Then let it dry completely before painting. I´ve got another nearly completed (unfortunately the Roof is already scratched and drying) but I´ve got a couple more to make so I´ll put a couple of pics on the new Roof Scratching technique when I make one.

  2. Another great build.

    Full of character.


  3. Great work Paul and interior detail too!