Sunday, 27 September 2015

Medieval Building with a covered walkway

Another generic building with an Experiment in creating a covered walkway.

The total so far...Picture taken before the above building had the tiles added, I wanted to see where it might fit into the General layout.
31 buildings so far.
I haven´t counted the Pigeon Loft as it may or may not be added and for a 18th Cent Bodstonian setting there´s the Fire station.
Only another 19 to go, (17 if the pigeon loft and fire Station are taken into consideration) like a couple more additions to the "industrial area" (top right)  but as I´ve said previously, the layout is temporary.
A Cathedral is being considered as a possible Addition which would Change the layout considerably as it would more than likely take up a central Position, pushing the "industrial" area (just above the church/Meeting house) out to the side.

Super Blood Moon eclipse tonight!
I´m going to try and stay up and take pics..anyone else?


  1. Beautiful scratchbuilt town you've got there, Paul. I'm curious how big of a footprint it covers.

    1. Thanks Dean.
      So far, depending how they are arranged, it covers around 2.5 - 3m² . In the pic it´s roughly (give or take a couple of cm´s) 2m x 1.50m. Seeing as it´s 60 % finished it could be around (if I add a large church/Cathederal) 5-6m².

  2. More wonderful building and great to see what you have achieved so far, it looks stunning Paul.

  3. An excellent addition, and the town looks superb!

  4. Super, tu as carrément une ville! Super création.

  5. That is truly epic! It is a true inspiration

  6. These houses looks real good and I think that you also got the details right.Inspirational too!!! Keep posting my friend.