Monday, 12 October 2015

Ancient Roman Town

I´ve never put up any pics of the buildings as one town, and seeing as the Project won´t be going any´s are all the buildings grouped together.

A couple of "over the Roof tops" pics
Links to previous Posts containing most  of the buildings shown in the top Picture
Forum Romanum
Houses  for "plebeians"
Forum Romanum Mk II
Roman Baths /Thermae
Upper class roman house
Roman Taverna - MKII
Admin building and row of Shops
Slave market and temple
Merchants house the Project is closed and it seems a shame to just store it in the cellar, the whole lot is up for sale. Price? I´ve got something in mind*  but I prefer to be open to "suggestions" so if your interested, tell me what you think it´s worth.

*For the whole town, I could re-make individual buildings if anyone´s interested but I would like this lot to stay together.

EDIT. The whole town has now been sold .


  1. Lovely fruits of your modeling labors, Mr. Bods.

  2. Very nice! Always a pleasure to see your scratch built stuff!

  3. Wonderful to see them all together :)

  4. A shame to see you are selling the collection Paul but I know where you are coming from. Hours and hours of your time and skill gone into the project, so I hope you get what you are looking for. Hopefully they will be kept together and maybe snapped up by a museum.

    1. It´s either give up on the medieval town stuff or clear space. Slight tug on the heart strings but Needs must.

    2. It's a fabulous town! What a shame to sell it, will make a new owner very happy though.

      Best, Simon

  5. Impressive, really impressive, Paul! Well done on the dedication and skill you have clearly put into this project!

  6. Good luck Paul, they deserve a good price!

  7. What a shame you've gotta let all these wonderful buildings go. I hope whoever buys them appreciates all your hard work. Good luck with the sale, if only I had 20mm Romans!!

  8. The magnificent city, with all the different buildings
    Good job.

  9. Did you sell your (this) roman town?

    1. No. Someone wanted it but insisted on having all the roofs changed. I tried with one house, the Upperclass house and it ended up being a total wreck so the deal was called off.

  10. Hi Paul
    I just posted but retrying. Is your model Roman town still available? And is it 1/72 scale.
    I could be interested in purchasing it for a project.
    If you could send me your email address I could explain.

    1. Hi Louisa.
      It is 1/72nd scale. One house (the upper class one) was sold but the rest is still available.
      My E-Mail ? I put it here on the blog but took it down as it caused me some Problems with Spammers...
      For a project? I´m intrigued. Now how to get around the contact Problem?
      You bung me your E-Mail the blog is on Moderation..I see the Messages before they are published, no-one else gets to see your E-Mail, safe and easy.