Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Medieval Camp followers (Pt3)

A couple more additions to the camp followers,
Females from the Imex Pilgrims
Priest from Pegasus California Mission Indians set..head swopped and the Boy cut away to produce a sack
Last bod from the Airfix Robinhood set, head swop, sword exchanged for a bag.

Mule and baggage from the Nexus  Davy Crockett set..but the head has been bent down to make it look a bit more tired / miserable.
Females from the linear-B´s  Roman Slave Market and Roman Transport sets.

15 so far, 2 children,, 5 males and 8 women...and one mule.


  1. The more the better Paul, lovely stuff!

  2. Nice conversions, Mr. Bods.

  3. Great update.

    Thank you.


  4. I certainly admires conversions such as these. As a collector of toy and model figures I sure do have all those figures you have made mention of ,and so can see the originals and then view your conversions. I just love them all. Well done my friend seeing these have made my day. BB

  5. Hola
    Muy buenas piezas si señor
    buenas para la escena del pueblo
    un saludo

  6. Excellent work Paul, great conversion work!