Saturday 19 December 2015

Sitting Knights

After a pause..(a dose of flu Lasting nearly 2 weeks followed by sinusitus) 30 sitting kniggits painted a while back for the Teutonic Order 1329 dio. 14 as German order kniggits, the other 16 in various C.o.A colours, including  some in the C.o.A colours of  Hanau and  Meisen.
Sculpted by Alex, he has given them head swops to add variety.
There´s another 6 to go, but being unable to focus due to having a "thick head" they are in reserve in case any Specific C.o.A´s are required

Meisen, second from left,  and  Hanau next to him.


  1. Once again an unusual, interesting and gorgeous subject...excellent!

  2. The head swops are a great idea as the variety of options has brought this little scene to life - great job Paul.

  3. Very original! Lovely work & fine detail... love it! :)

  4. Sorry to here that you`ve been unwell Paul.
    Nice painting on these figure. Are they your figures or for the other medieval project. As i gazed upon the scene i thought sitting down to a feast is something we all like to do,but there seem`s to be a great big helping of nothing on those tables. I hope you feel better soon. BB

    1. Thanks Paul.
      The last couple of weeks have been bad..cough, cold sweats, fever..nothing has helped to shift it..and now my head is blocked solid.
      They (the kniggits) will all go to the teutonic 1329 Diorama.

  5. Those are so good and so necessary, excellent.

  6. Lovely groups Paul. Remind me of an ex Girlfriend in Berlin who was manager at an 'English Restaurant' where the meals were all you can eat roasts with veg and spuds in a medieval setting! There was/is (?) another one in Reading called Knights Out, same 'do's with fancy dress, jesters orgaising stage games, sing-along and crackers...

    Happy Christmas to you and yours

  7. Hola
    Que buena escena as echo
    No es nada típico y la verdad es que es muy vistoso
    un saludo

  8. Nice and original scene Paul.

    Happy Christmas

  9. Fantastic painted figures again Paul! I hope you get well soon!