Friday, 1 April 2016

Airfix CSA Cavalry

Ok..a bit of a false Title and not intended as an April fool, it´s too late in the day for that anyway, but  I thought I´d have a quick go at Converting and painting up a couple as the Opponents to the US cavalry.

I couldn´t be bothered to paint up some new ones so I re-cycled the ones from the US cav Post.
The two sabre wielding troopers have had headswops from the Airfix Confederate Infantry set.


  1. I would have loved to have had such splendid cavalry in my 1974 ACW Airfix armies.

  2. Wonderfull conversion! Pity Airfix never made a real Confederate cavalry!


  3. Nice Work Paul.i utterly refuse to mention those bases after all i`m no crytic i`m far too busy being little o`ll me Beano Boy. ( Although another might ring out a hue and cry.)
    It`s not what one says it`s the manner in which one say it.Harmless banter is good.BB

    1. Thanks Paul.
      I agree. Harmless banter is fine by me, constant criticism,wether correct or not, isn´t, and criticism with the aim of "improving the standards", ones which have been fine for the majority for years, certainly is not. It happened before, almost exactly the same.. all one had to do was wait until they got bored/frustrated and left...oh, and slightly take the p*ss out of them.