Monday, 18 April 2016

B.O.B = Bunch O´ Builders

40 of ém, also from the lead and resin pile, drafted in as either what they were intended for, ie, Builders or as additional "place here and there" extras for the 1329 dio.
"Zombie builders attack!!"
A couple have had small alterations, like removal of measuring devices....
...and Tools. The one still Holding the handle..I lost the top of the pickaxe..I´ll add a sledgehammer type head later), the bod in the middle lost the head of his shovel so the handle was removed and the carrying straps were removed on the one in green.
Well, that makes 45 bods,  2 carts, 3 mules, an Ox and a cow since getting them on the 10th.
Time for a bit of a pause ??
Nah! I´ve already got some primed and ready to go :-D


  1. Excellent painted figures again Paul! Pity some of them had some damage, but you fixed it very well!
    Were these the secret sets?


    1. Thanks Peter.
      Nope..These aren´t the "secret sets", they are a different period...I´ll paint a few more Medievals then do the "Secret sets"...Maybe in a week or two they will appear.

  2. I do how even the smallest alteration gives you a whole new miniatures, lovely job Paul.

  3. Impressive and very nice, the 1329 dio will be great!