Wednesday 4 May 2016


Nope..not a return to the Bannockburn Project from 2014, this lot are a new Valdemar set.

Set contains 10 bods, 1 mounted kniggit, 1 downed nag and some bits and pieces, like shields and swords. The only small let down,,,no pole arms. You get a roll of copper wire to create spears which meant straightening the wire and creating spear heads. Easy enough to do but a bit of a pain so I raided the bits box for Spears and halbards.

As I´d just about exhausted the Coats of arms for the Bannockburn Project and for a bit more choice, I´m adding some from the Falkirk rolls.

De Pinkney´s nag seems to be looking for sympathy from the Viewer
The infantry I painted up as generic types with no  reference to them being scottish or whatever. Valdemar has a couple more Spearmen sets so the Intention is to collect them along with a couple more mounted kniggits and make a dio.

Henry de Pinkeny 
Fought at Falkirk and although he appears to be in a bit of a sticky Situation in the pic,  he didn´t die there.
Or a fess indented gules
Piers de Chauvent
That he was at Falkirk seems pretty clear but I can´t find any other info about him.
Paly of six argent and azure a fess gules back to the lead heap and the 1329 dio.


  1. Fantastic set, you realy made a nice scene out of it.
    Always jealous of your painting style, and choice of colors.
    Well done Paul, maybe you can show these on FIGZ on the 5th of june...

  2. Excellent work again Paul! Nice Valdemar set indeed!


  3. What a realistic and bloody battlefield, great work Paul!

  4. Cracking work, I love the pleading nag.

  5. i Really Like These Paul. Perhaps a few arrows stuck here and there could be added. Nice Work. BB

  6. Thanks Paul
    It´s a WIP...the pics on the black Background are taken after the first two. When I´ve collected a few more bods I´ll make up a dio with arrows etc..and, if I can work out how..blood flying through the air.

  7. Hi
    Excellent figures and painting.
    These look ideal to depict the demise of Brian le Jay the Templar after the Battle of Falkirk 1298. His horse was stuck in a bog and the Scots killed him

    1. Hi.
      Thanks :-D I might re-do (add some more) and recreate Falkirk.

  8. Replies
    1. The good Thing is, there´s a 1/72nd model of the film Version of wallace, not historically accurate but fun :-)