Thursday, 4 August 2016

Airfix StuH 42

As part of the Airfix 2016 Stug III/75mm Assault Gun Group Build I wanted to do two StuG´s, one a Fantasy based one, the other an OOB but as I started I decided on making  a Sturmhaubitze 42 (StuH 42)
The Fantasy based one is now on the "to do" list.

The 10.5cm Howitzer Comes from 30 plus yr old and now damaged  Hasegawa kit as do the track Frames and  the commanders Cupola.
Stowage rails on the back are scratch built, the stowage from various old and damaged kits, the ammo box is from a 1/32 kit.
Commander from ...unknown kit.
Towing rope from twisted wire, the starter handle bent paperclip wire.
Antenna made with  old brush bristles.

Track sag created by Putting the tracks on then using a pin, press the track down (to create the sag) and mark the spot with the tip of the pin. Drill Little holes (I used a hot pin with a cork handle which meant removing the track) insert a length of wire  and Bingo. Any adjustments (less or more sag) can be made by bending the wire with some thin nosed pliers.
Bit out of my comfort Zone and I´m not 100% satisfied with the end result..the cammo doesn´t look as I imagined, it looked better without. Building it was fun though and I got more out of it than the intended OOB.




  1. Now I wasn't expecting this with my morning cup of tea, but how wonderful. Love the trick with the sagging tracks, very ingenious.

  2. that is a very cool model restoration

  3. A brilliant idea.
    I thought first, its the genuine Airfix

  4. Nice Work on this experimental well thought out project Paul.
    It pays off at times being out of ones comfit zone,especially as problems are solved and info shared.Thanks!
    "Mud Mud glorious Mud,nothing quite like it for causing the rust!" Part of that old song as i recall it,could have been especially written for many a tank-man. BB

  5. This is something completely different from you Paul! If it was a mediëval tank I would have understand it, but a WW2 one? :-D
    Excellent work on this tank!