Thursday 8 December 2016

Airfix ACW - A bit of a Bargain

New recruits for the Airfix ACW Project bought at  the 42.Plastikfigurenbörse, Herne.
I haven´t counted them but it was a bit of a bargain, €15 for around about 500 bods, horses and wagons.
In the bags there´s the marching poses, 40 plus Union, 20 plus Confederacy, 20 1st issue airfix foriegn Legion which will end up as Zouaves. The bods from the first issue set compare better size wise and scupting to their ACW companions. Also a near complete set of US cavalry. The pile of Shooting, running etc will end up being used for/as conversions.

4 new artillery pieces plus two complete limbers. The limber with the broken trail I can use as a cassion and the spare wheels will come in usefull.
In the bag there´s a full set (including the accessories) of the Airfix Wagon Train set! A quick Stress test Shows None of this copy of the set is suffering from plastic rot!


  1. That is a good haul to keep you busy Paul.
    I`m glad that the plastic is OK too.
    The Foreign Legion. Opps! you converted the Fort.
    Wagon train wonderful memories that set invokes. Greetings BB

  2. They should keep you going for a while. Looks like a bargain.

    Seeing your figures reminds me that I need to get some more of my ACW plastic Spencer Smith painted.


  3. Good buy Paul, now paint my friend...
    looking forward to the painted result (and the story with it)

  4. Paul those really take me back to my youth looking forward to seeing this project come together.

  5. Looks a good haul, especially as there are no signs of plastic rot.

  6. Hey Paul, I have just under a box's worth of the Airfix Confederates - 9 each of the standing and marching poses and a variety of shooting and commanders figures. Free to you if you cover postage. Get in touch if you're interested....

    1. I´m up for that :-) How to get in touch though? I´ve got an E-Mail address (on the bods 4 sale ) page