Saturday, 31 December 2016

What if...

...after the 2nd WW, everyone had  signed up to genuine real and Lasting peace on earth? Not a cessation of hostilities for a short period while each and every side vied for new angles on causing friction in order to fill up the arms order books but a genuine   realisation we have the same Basic wants, needs, loves and fears and  work towards a bright future for humankind and the planet.
As part of this permanent peace, there would be no need for weapons, no tanks, no guns and  no need for war planes.
The swords would have to be made into ploughshares..or in this case, Spitfires into racing cars.
Wheels -  from a bashed up Siku post lorry
Axles - bits of  sprue from the original Airfix Spitfire kit
Suspension -  Florist wire wrapped around Pins
Headlights - two Pins with the bead type head, 1/3rd sliced off.
I left the wingstubs on as they make nice runningboards
The Inspiration for the  idea Comes from a Toy racing car from my collection..a Mercedes-Benz Racing Car (Dinky Toys 23c)  ....which is celebrating its 66th  birthday this year. It could be slightly older as They (Meccano LTD-Dinky) started making them in 1946, so just after  WWII  ;-)


  1. The only chance is warp drive and the Federation!

  2. What if indeed, we can but dream. Lovely idea for a conversion and beautifully done Paul.

  3. I wouldn't mind having a drive of one of them!

  4. Beautiful conversion! Proves the thesis that modelers should never throw any thing away!!

  5. Awesome work Paul. Happy New Year. Let us hope we do indeed start the long walk to peace in the coming year (well I will most likely start running for joy - get out of breath half way there - collapse and then have a snooze while I wait for everyone to catch up)

    1. Thanks Gowan and Happy new year to you.
      As you said, walk, walk and help others walk beside you..that way, no-one will have to catch up ;-)
      Unfortunately I don´t think anything like peace will ever come. There are too many parties that have a vested interest in "common" People fighting and staying divided...they don´t want us to put any falsely constructed "differences" asside, look in thier direction and ask why.
      Still..every journey starts with a single step...

  6. Nice work Paul, I bet that racer would absolutely fly (excuse the pun).
    Not quite the same but certainly recycling of the engine here:

    1. Thanks Andy...
      850bhp!!! That car on the link is a Monster!!!!
      I found another on the same site..the Stoat Scarab. Unreal looking Thing.