Sunday 12 February 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Confederate infantry

The  4 confederate regiments aimed for are now  finished. Is 80 really enough ?
The 3rd Texas Infantry
The 28th Regiment, North Carolina
20th Reg. Texas Volunteers. The officer got a head swop.
3rd South Virginians
The flag of the 3rd South Virginians came  with a Batch of  unpainted Confederates (thanks Dean :-)) and was already painted and I didn´t have the heart to replace it.


  1. 80 would never be enough! You have the makings of a fine brigade here. What you really need now is a mounted brigadier and perhaps a battery of guns for support...then onto the next brigade!

  2. Love your style, Paul. Your work has inspired mine for years, and it still does.
    I suppose that the (unnatural) green bases are a reference to the Britain figures ? I only had a few of them, indians and ACW soldiers, but I loved them a lot.

    1. Thanks Phil. Yep..the bases are a reference to the Britians green bases. I think, as Britians was probably one of the first to mass produce toy soldiers and they used the green base colour, the mid green became a Standard for basing in "old School" style.

  3. Impressive and nice looking figures Paul!

  4. It may be unnatural but that shade of green really makes the figures stand out.

  5. Excellent! I love these guys.

  6. dear Paul, is always a great pleasure to watch your bods. Best wishes