Sunday, 13 August 2017

Medieval Guards - Alarm!

The actual titel of the set is just   "Alarm" but seeing as these are in the same livery as the guards on Duty and the resting guards, the post titel is fair enough.
The whole set...13 bods
My favourite poses from the set

The running bod on the right Looks a bit odd, as if he´s really happy.."whoopee!!"  but I think he´s supposed to be running up some steps

Get to it you oribble lot!!!!!


  1. Crikey, that's a massive spliff that chap has there, Paul. Proper Camberwell Carrot.

    Brilliant work, as always. WM

  2. Cracking job Paul on a great set. I couldn't help but be reminded of Monty Python's dancing knights when I saw the third picture. :)

  3. I thought those knights were dancing too!
    Very nice figures and an excellent paint job as always.

  4. Beautifully done, love this mix of white and red, superb!

  5. Really impressive painting and presentation Paul. Those two rather odd looking knightly fellows are at a fancy dress disco perhaps? BB

  6. hi
    sehr gut
    mir gefällt dieses rot weiss sehr gut

  7. Superb as always. This inspired me to get the set for my upcoming medieval diorama.